British-born, Hollywood-based, commentator and columnist Martin Lewis is known both for his gentlemanly English manner - and his provocative views. He is literally A "Gent" Provocateur.

He offers his perspectives on politics, pop culture, social and media issues on a broad spectrum of worldwide media outlets ranging from ABC, NBC and CBS to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBNC and Court TV to HBO, Showtime, VH1, E! and ESPN to the BBC. He also writes occasional columns for online journals such as, and

This website presents all his columns and bloggings...

"Political satirist Martin Lewis is intelligently funny" - Paper Magazine

"A treat! Incites and inspires with his witticisms" - Village Voice

"Sardonic observations sweetened by an irrepressible exuberance… the sort of wit I call unimpeachable" - L.A. Weekly

"A clever comic!" - New York Post

"Preternaturally affable... a very captivating raconteur" - Los Angeles Magazine

"Not a man to shirk from a sweeping statement…" - London Sunday Times

"A veteran hipster!" - New York Press

"Like a great jazz master riffing on a solo..." - Richard Lewis [comedian] - no relation

"Martin Lewis is without a doubt..." - Jerry Lewis [comedian/actor/director] - no relation


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