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October 28, 2005

Bush fulfills campaign pledge!

Throughout the 2000 election campaign George W. Bush pledged that if elected he that he would “restore honor and dignity to the White House.”

Today he proved that he had fulfilled that pledge.

He has fully restored the “honor and dignity” that Richard Nixon brought to the White House with Watergate and that Ronald Reagan brought to the White House with Iran-Contra.

August 25, 2005

Cindy Sheehan take heart!

Cindy - take great heart...

Only the very scared and angry can be so abusive. As the sneaking suspicion dawns on these people that they've been gamed by this callow, shallow straw man who privately holds them in deep contempt - they are faced with two choices.

#1) They can confess that they were sleeping at the wheel through two elections and have been supporting a cynical, incompetent dry drunk who couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery.

(And what paid-up enabler wants to 'fess up to having been so 'hard-of-thinking'? Not conservatives!)


#2) They can snarl, sneer, smear and savage the people who have the temerity to point out that their Emperor has no clothes. He is stark-bollock naked. Especially morally.

So the dwindling number of hardcore Bush supporters (like the wizened stump of Nixon supporters in 1974) will lash out at anyone noble and courageous enough to remind them of their stupidity.

Fortunately they are a dying breed. And like a wounded, dying weasel or stoat they will keep writhing in fury and attacking all around them.

There's a great song by the late Phil Ochs that was written about the state of Mississippi in the early 60's when that state was thwarting the will of the people and the government on civil rights. Substitute the word "Neo-Cons" for the word "Mississippi" - and it expresses the views of many people who are fed up with the UN-Christian, UN-American, Neo-Conmen who are currently "occupying" this great country.

"Here's to the land you've torn out the heart of. Neo-Cons - find yourself another country to be part of..."

This Neo-Con occupation of the US WILL end. The forces of liberty will rise again. Thank you for being a brave member of The Resistance.


July 20, 2005

Stop Being Unfair To Bush!

Boy those pesky liberals are unfair.

Here are just a few of the points that they’re giving as a reason why the Senate shouldn’t just do its duty and immediately give George W. Bush’s Supreme Court nominee Justice Dudley Do-Right a rubber-stamp that says “you have unfettered freedom to change the laws that will affect over 300 million Americans for the next 35-40 years – even though you will not tell us what you will do until AFTER you get an irrevocable lifetime appointment.”

#1 These liberals say that George Bush just doesn’t have the open mandate to appoint anyone he wants.

That is such crap. President Bush received the votes of approx. 60 million Americans out of an eligible electorate of 210 million. That’s over 29% of the electorate! If that’s not a mandate – what is?!

#2 These liberals say that over 75% of the American people are absolutely adamant that they do not want Roe vs Wade overturned. “Tough noogies! You shoulda bothered to get more people out to vote you fat, dyke-loving, atheist baby-killers! We got the White House, the Senate, the House, the Appeal Courts, and the Supreme Court! So fuck you!

#3 These liberals say that Justice Dudley Do-Right has only had TWO years experience at the job of being a judge. Not sufficient experience to be a Supreme Court justice. Hah! Work experience is totally over-rated. eg George W. Bush had less than 5 years work experience when he was given the presidency. And he’s done just fine. (Apart from ignoring that CIA report titled “Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside The US”) AND he managed to quadruple the deficit much faster than Ronald Reagan! So who needs work experience?!

#4 These liberals say that women may lose the right to control their own bodies. So what?! Women are only 53% of the population. And they still have ONE woman on the Supreme Court. Which is nearly 11% of the Supreme Court. Get a life!

18th Century here we come!

July 20, 2005

Reasons To Be Heath-ful - Part III

OK - I admit it. I disliked and mocked Edward Heath during the 60's and 70's.

I admired him when he had the courage to sack Enoch Powell from the Shadow Cabinet in 1968 after Powell's disgraceful "Rivers Of Blood" incitement 'speech'

But apart from that I tended to disdain him - and make fun of him.

But the following quotes from Grocer Heath made me smile. I always love a curmudgeon. Especially a bitchy one.

All those people who critique Heath for having maintained his grudge against Thatcher for 30 years - and call him The Incredible Sulk - are missing the point.

He was smart enough to realize that he had made a terrible error back in 1970 in giving an opportunity to that heinous harridan. (He appointed her to his cabinet as Minister for Education.) She turned out to be a fetid sucubus who sucked the heart out of the nation she professed to love.

The only thing more pathetic than Thatcher's furrowed-brow look of faux concern (replete with those patronizing softly-intoned honey murmurs: "my goodness of COURSE we must fuck the miners to death...") was the incredible stupidity of the majority of the British public that voted for her three times.

She scuttled about on her occasional walkabouts with all the graceful femininity of Dame Edna (whom she also resembled.)

Her vulcanized yellow helmet of hair - a follicular candy floss concoction of dyed hair-matter - air-spun and lacquered within an inch of its life... her heavily-painted faux face... were all manifestations of her carefully-calculated artifice. One large bucket of ice water dumped over her head on live TV would have shattered the illusion and broken the evil spell she cast on the British public for 15 long years. The closest we came to getting that bucket - were the icily accurate words of Edward Heath. Alas not enough people paid heed...

Ted Heath maintained his disdain for Thatcher for three decades - not merely out of confirmed-bachelor pique - though I'm sure there was quite a bit of that. He never relented from attacking her because of his profound guilt that he'd unwittingly helped this venal post-menopausal shrew into power.

But just as he sacked Enoch Powell and lambasted Tiny Rowland of Lonhro as "the unpleasant and unacceptable face of capitalism'' - his 30 year drumbeat against Thatcher should be regarded as the voice of the little boy who knew all too well that the Empress Had No Clothes...

The famous last words I leave to Ted Heath:

"They have made a grave mistake choosing that woman" - on the election of Mrs. Thatcher as leader of the Conservative Party (1975)

"Please don't applaud. It may irritate your neighbour..." - after a speech at the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool (1981)

"Whatever the lady does is wrong. I do not know of a single right decision taken by her" (1989)

"She is a woman with a minute mind..."

"She is ignorant..."

"She is telling lies..."

"Her views are rabid and bigoted..."

Interviewer: "Is is true that on hearing that Mrs. Thatcher had been forced to resign as Prime Minister - you telephoned your office and exclaimed: 'Rejoice! Rejoice!'"

Ted Heath: "Actually I think I said it three times..."

Edward Heath R.I.P....

("He was well to the left of Tony Blair!" - Tony Benn 2005)

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