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December 21, 2004

And if the US election were held today...?


How many of the moronic 51% of Americans who voted for this arrogant, ignorant, cynical, callow, shallow, cur of a human specimen that inhabits the White House - would do so again?

Given their crass moronic stupidity - probably a large percentage.

But probably not enough to condemn the World to four more moronic years.

Alas there's never a big terrorist attack when you really want one...

(Not because one wants there to be the tragic deaths of course. Just for the essential wake-up call to some of the brain-dead cretins who voted for Bush.)

Now we have to endure this tragedy to its bitter end.

December 14, 2004


In his interview with BBC Radio Sheffield, Mr Blunkett said: "I fell in love with someone and they wouldn't go public...."

That's his problem. He's post-grammatical. (c.f. Sting "If You Love Someone Set THEM Free" - emphasis added)

it's "and SHE wouldn't go public"

What a terrible example to today's kids...

November 29, 2004


if we permit faith-based charities

shouldn't we also allow

atheism-based charities

agnosticism-based charities

superstition-based charities

stupidity-based charities

October 30, 2004

You Tell Me It's The Institution....

Watching the various ‘talking heads’ on C-Span I realize that what I lack when I appear on TV is the name of an impressive foundation or institute under my name. It just adds some gravitas.

So I have decided to start a foundation or an institute.

It must have an impressive, regal name.

I have studied all the impressive regal names of foundations and institutes and come up with a short-list of 8 names that might impress TV producers and viewers. Not sure yet which to go with. Here are the 8 names:

1) The Foundation Foundation

2) The Foundational Foundation

3) The Foundation Institute

4) The Foundational Institute

5) The Institute Institute

6) The Institutional Institute

7) The Institute Foundation

8) The Institutional Foundation

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