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August 27, 2004

Supreme Thoughts From Alabama

Alabama Gov. Bob Riley told a Republican breakfast that President Bush's re-election will change the U.S. Supreme Court described by the governor as "very liberal."

Riley joined GOP activists Saturday in Florence, Ala. for a breakfast held by a group called the Shoals Concerned Conservatives. About 350 people attended.

Riley said because the next president could appoint up to three Supreme Court justices, the coming years could be a turning point for the Republican Party if Bush is re-elected.

"This is the greatest opportunity we will have to return to the value set that makes us unique in the world," Riley said.

Riley, a former congressman, blamed the "very liberal Supreme Court" for letting the country degenerate over the past few decades.

August 06, 2004

Kerry Smear-Dog Caught In A Lie

John O’Neill, who in 1971 was Richard Nixon’s personal choice to attack Veterans-Against-The-War leader John Kerry on a celebrated TV appearance on the “Dick Cavett Show,” is listed as the primary author of the new right-wing-financed smear book on John Kerry - “Unfit For Command” (due to be published on August 15th.)

O’Neill was a navy officer who took over command of the Swift boat previously commanded by John Kerry. At no time did he ever meet Kerry in Vietnam – and he therefore has zero personal experience of Kerry in Vietnam.

He first rose to prominence in 1971. President Nixon and his Chief Of Staff Bob Haldeman (convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice in 1975) were anxious about the impact on middle-America that John Kerry was having as a decorated war hero who had more than earned the right to critique the war. So Nixon’s Chief Counsel Chuck Colson (convicted felon in 1975) was instructed to find a patsy – a right-wing attack dog who could savage Kerry. He discovered John O’Neill. Nixon gave his blessing – and with White House encouragement - O’Neill started appearing in public attacking a man he had never met and knew nothing about.

In the 1971 face-off on the “Dick Cavett Show” – most impartial observers felt that Kerry had spoken eloquently and effectively against the attacks of O’Neill. A fact that continued the resentment that O’Neill felt towards the man he had been programmed to destroy.

Apparently neither the death of his original patron in 1994 – nor the fact that his bosses were all discovered to be corrupt, lying felons who served prison time – have stopped this patsy. Like The Terminator – he will not stop. He has been programmed to terminate Kerry. John Lennon warned us in his 1971 song “Gimme Some Truth” about a “short-haired, yellow-bellied son of Tricky Dicky…” Meet John O’Neill.

Now it’s 2004 – and fueled and funded by the same jihad wing of the conservative movement that previously attempted to destroy Bill Clinton - and given tacit approval by the present-day heirs of the Nixon White House such as Karl Rove – O’Neill is back to try and complete the mission he failed to accomplish in 1971. The utter destruction of John Kerry.

Respected historian Douglas Brinkley (author of “Tour Of Duty”) has studied Kerry’s Vietnam record exhaustively and is the leading authority on the subject – and on the ragtag group of right-wing haters that O’Neill has exhumed from the swamps to try and discredit Kerry.

“These are malicious fabrications in the heat of the election. The ringleader that O’Neill cites – Admiral Roy Hoffman – and the others are simply malcontents who have never forgiven Kerry for his actions in speaking out against the war. They seek retribution by fabricating stories to destroy him. Hoffman in particular lacks credibility. His claims against Kerry have changed frequently. And John O’Neill has zero credibility. He was - and still is Richard Nixon’s patsy.”

Matt Drudge is now drip-feeding extracts from the new O’Neill book on his website with the intention of inflicting the maximum possible damage on Kerry. And trusting that a gullible mainstream media (that bought into the so-called Clinton “scandal”) will go hog-wild on these completely unsubstantiated allegations. The headline details on the Drudge website tout utterly foul allegations about Kerry – including claims that the injuries for which he was decorated were self-inflicted, that he faked war reports and that he killed a Vietnamese teenager in a cowardly fashion.

The credibility of John O’Neill is best illustrated by a damning incident just three months ago – when he was caught out telling a bare-faced lie to producers at CNN – and to the American people.

On Tuesday April 20th 2004, O’Neill appeared on CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer Reports” program – attacking John Kerry. O’Neill accused Kerry of lying in his congressional testimony in 1971.

But what TV viewers weren’t aware of was that John O’Neill was lying to the public from the very first moment he appeared on CNN.

Prior to appearing on the show - he had assured Wolf Blitzer’s CNN producers that he had given no interviews in recent years, had not spoken publicly about John Kerry and that this was therefore definitely his first interview of the year.

Based on O’Neill’s unequivocal assurances, CNN had trumpeted the interview accordingly – with Blitzer trailing the interview during the earlier parts of his one-hour show with descriptions such as:

“A veteran who once publicly debated John Kerry SPEAKS OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SEVERAL YEARS.” (emphasis added)

“I'll talk live with Vietnam veteran JOHN O'NEILL, HIS FIRST TELEVISION INTERVIEW IN YEARS. This will be a CNN exclusive.” (emphasis added)

“Today, John O'Neill is an attorney. THIS YEAR, HE HAS NOT GIVEN ANY INTERVIEWS UNTIL NOW.” (emphasis added)

And then O’Neill appeared. The first exchange between Blitzer and O’Neill was as follows:

BLITZER: “Why have you decided you want to speak out against John Kerry right now?”

O'NEILL: “I have no choice, Wolf. I would far rather be home or on the other side of a TV camera than being on television. I HAVEN'T BEEN ON TELEVISION IN MANY, MANY YEARS.” (emphasis added)

The trouble is – O’Neill was flat-out lying.

Less than a month before he had given an extensive interview for a TV show that had aired nationally just three weeks earlier – on Sunday March 28th. The interview was prominently featured in C-Span’s signature political show “The Road To The White House.” It followed a transmission by C-Span of the entire original “Dick Cavett Show” featuring Kerry and O’Neill. Also interviewed for the new sequence was Dick Cavett.

These facts were confirmed in an interview that I conducted with C-Span producer Richard Weinstein.

Weinstein told me that he had interviewed O’Neill approximately 10 days before the March 28th airdate of his show. “We tracked down John O'Neill and told him that we were going to broadcast the entire ‘Dick Cavett Show’ from 1971 on which he appeared and asked if he would be interviewed for our show. We asked him to share his memories. He agreed to be interviewed.”

I asked Weinstein if there could have been any possibility that O’Neill had been confused and not realized that his interview was going to be used on TV.

“No. He spoke to us before and after the interview. He was fully aware. I feel confident that he knew exactly what he was doing. He was giving an interview for us to air on C-Span TV.”

So – just three months ago – when he thought it would make his appearance on CNN seem more newsworthy and important – John O’Neill flat-out lied to CNN producers – and then lied to the American people.

Repeated calls to O’Neill’s representatives over a 24 hour period – to ask him why he had blatantly lied to the American people on CNN – and why anyone should therefore believe even one syllable of his book – went entirely unanswered.

Such is the credibility of the man who accuses a five-times decorated war hero of deceit. It pays to remember who it was who first pulled O’Neill out of the sewer to attack John Kerry. It seems that Richard Nixon’s attack dog from 1971 still remembers who his master is. Like Master – like dog….

June 07, 2004

A Slew Of Reagan Sub-Titles


possible sub-titles

(These started popping into my mind about 30 seconds after they started reciting the week-long funeral itinerary on Fox News)

Bush eyes Reagan’s Teflon
The Win One Last One For The Gipper Tour
Weekend At Ronnie's...
Keeping The Reagan Funeral Going Till Election Day
The Gipper Funeral Tour
Milking The Gipper
Milking One For The Gipper
Bush Milks Gipper
Nor Rest For the Gipper Till Election Day
Gypping Voters With The Gipper
Bush To Lead 5 Month Funeral March
Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Casket
The October Surprise Comes Early...
Reagan - this year's 9/11 Bush bounce...
Bush's Great Exploitation

May 14, 2004

Pandering 101

When was the last time a politician appeared in front of a crowd (such as military or law enforcement) - with TV crews in attendance - telling the crowd how wonderful they were - how noble/couragous/heroic/brave etc etc - and how every little thing they did made the politician and all Americans feel proud - and was NOT rewarded with thunderous applause that made the politician look totally adored on TV? Just wondering...

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