Ginsberg drops the ‘F’ Bomb
by Martin Lewis
Written August 31, 2004

Conservatives have been hard to find in New York this past few days. Rick Santorum, Tom DeLay and the other hardliners who dictate policy at GOP Inc. must have read the memo from Karl Rove telling them to keep their heads down. And why would they want to show up at parties frequented by members of the fifth estate anyway? However one man in the news obviously felt the need to put his chromium dome out and about – if only to show that he wasn’t embarrassed by recent events. At the official media party held at the swanky Time-Warner Center on Saturday night I run into lawyer-of-the-hour Ben Ginsberg – an old TV adversary from impeachment days. He is unapologetic about his resignation. Concedes that the 527’s won’t be dealt with before the election. We get into a debate about whether it wouldn’t be better to drain all the money out of the system and have public financing of elections. “Who would want to give money to fucking politicians?” he asks me – with a triumphant smile. “Karl Rove’s friends apparently” I reply – but Ben is gone. Rather swiftly I thought…

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