A Good Election To Lose…
by Martin Lewis
Written November 03, 2004

A Good Election To Lose…

As we’re being candid – let me articulate a moment of selfish thought.

While the Bush election win will probably cause this nation and the world great harm (which we hope and pray is not irreversible) it may perversely also be our salvation.

The entire governance of this nation has now been placed yet again in the hands of Republicans. President, Senate, House. And Supreme Court. (Let’s not even think about that right now.)

Leave aside the diligence, perception, selflessness, compassion and wisdom of 51% of the American electorate – just consider the almost inevitable train wreck ahead.

The economy.

The environment.

Health care.


The dreadful mess in Iraq.

Our awful relationships with our allies and the rest of the world.

The so-called “war on terrorism” (as opposed to what should be the real war on a perverted ideology which USES terrorism as a means to an end.)

I hate to be a pessimist – and I certainly don’t wish this nation or its citizens bad things.

But I see many disasters ahead.

When the hard reality of the road meets the feckless, disingenuous rhetoric scripted for Bush.

I shudder to think what it would have been like for John Kerry in the White House for four years - with 3.5 million popular votes LESS than Bush. With a hostile conservative House and Senate. With all the howling dogs of the conservative (bowel) movement led by the Fox ‘Noise’ Channel wolves – all baying for revenge for him having defeated a second hallowed Bush.

Add in the numerous looming disasters ahead both domestically and abroad – and you have a series of nightmares.

It would have been a very tough road to hoe. Not a great election to win.

I believe these nightmares will visit Bush. Of course he could care less. He doesn’t have to run for office again. Given a choice between being a magnanimous winner who could unite this nation (and earn a place in history as a pragmatic statesman) – and rewarding his corporate cronies and born-again loonies – he will go hell-for-leather in trying to enshrine his fundamentalist vision as a permanent fixture in the US.

Add in the high probability of second-term hubris and scandal (think of the Watergate cover-up of 1973/4 – and the Iran-Contra affair of 1986/7) and there is a recipe for a belated awakening by a large number of the deeply intelligent 51% of the electorate. Once the Kool-Aid wears off…

Here’s the mission for us.


George W. Bush won’t be on the ballot in the 2006 mid-terms or the 2008 presidential elections.

But his Republican apologists and enablers will be.

I’m not talking of TRUE Republican heroes and patriots such as Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana both of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - who had the courage to speak the truth about Iraq and the incompetence of the Bush administration.

I’m talking about the vast majority of Republican politicians – including some people who are commonly portrayed by the media as saintly heroes – yet who during this election placed their own personal political fortunes ahead of the nation. You know who they are...

Incidentally “heroism” isn’t usually the word used to define the act of having spoken a few, timely uplifting words against a universally-hated enemy. (Words that meant more to the listeners primarily because the elected leaders who should have been speaking - had scattered in cowardice.) That kind of rally-the-citizens cheer-leading is more aptly described as “a noble deed.”

True heroism is having the courage to speak out against your own party when you can see the error of its ways – irrespective of the threat of consequence.

It is our task to super-glue these Republicans to each and every disaster that befalls this feckless, reckless administration.

Let no prospective Republican candidate for President in 2008 be able to avoid the collective responsibility for the traumas that will be inflicted on decent Americans in the next four years by Bush & Co.

Catalogue every prediction and endorsement they gave to Bush in 2004 – and as each one is revealed as a lie or a broken pledge – NAIL THEM TO IT!

So that when the Kool-Aid wears off, the scales fall from their eyes – and our esteemed electorate gazes aghast at the travesties it mandated – they will vent their belated spleen on the acolytes who encouraged them to swig the spiked drink in the first place.

Like a jury at a criminal trial – they will want someone to blame for the crime. Given that they were complicit in the crimes – they may even be suitably ashamed. Show them the Bush enablers. Let them exact revenge on those who gamed them, played them, duped them and cynically used them as election cannon fodder.

Overall – I’d say that this was a good election to lose…


November 3rd 2004

Martin Lewis is a British-born, US-based political commentator and marketing strategist.

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