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Who Knows Where The Time Goes...?
January 01, 2007
It's New Year's Day - and a time for reflecting on time itself...

WELL HUNG! Saddam Hung To Prove Bush is BETTER Hung... (Than His Dad)
December 29, 2006
Saddam Hussein was an evil tyrant who undoubtedly deserved to be brought to justice. But was that the only motivation behind the orderly judicial execution the world witnessed?

10 Antidotes To Gerald Ford Eulogy Overkill...
December 27, 2006
As the mainstream media goes into predictable sappy overdrive - creating hagiographic coverage about the drably decent man who became the accidental President - Martin offers a few sobering thoughts about the consequences of Ford's ham-fisted presidency...

KERRY!!!!! Wake up and defuse this bomb NOW - on LIVE TV (not later today!)
October 31, 2006
Martin Lewis - who in 2004 published an attack on on the Swift Boat mob JUST SIX HOURS after the Drudge Report started the smear campaign against Kerry (and 21 DAYS before Kerry got round to defending his own honor) - urges Kerry to defuse the "Botched Joke" distraction immediately....

GOP on Kerry: "We're going to beat him to death..."
October 31, 2006
Martin gives an instant update on GOP straw-clutching tactics to try and save the mid-term elections...

Rumsfeld: America's undertaker
October 29, 2006
House Majority Leader John Boehner offers a ringing endorsement of Donald Rumsfeld and describes him as "the only man in America who knows where the bodies are buried..." Martin begs to differ.

Bush vs Bush Photo-Caption Contest!- NOW YOU VOTE FOR THE WINNER!!!
October 28, 2006
Martin sifts through the nearly 300 entries for the latest contest and presents the finalists for the HuffPo readers' to vote on

Lynne Cheney: LYING LIAR
October 27, 2006
Lynne Cheney appears on Wolf Blitzer's show "The Situation Room" on CNN. After she impugns Blitzer's patriotism and slurs Ronald Reagan's former Secretary Of The Navy - she flat-out lies about the torrid, sexual content in her dime-store "novels"...

Kill or be killed: What part of "the GOP will do ANYTHING to win" do Dems still not understand?
October 27, 2006
As the Republicans unleash their latest batch of race-baiting commercials and smear tactics - Martin issues a clarion call to Democrats

The "Bush-Hastert" Photo: The Contest Winners!
October 25, 2006
Martin presents the winners of the latest contest...

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