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Kerry Accuser Caught In A Lie
April 22, 2004
Martin Lewis catches John Kerry's arch-nemesis John O'Neill lying on national TV - and NAILS him!

Strom Thurmond V.G.R. (Very Good Riddance)
December 09, 2003
John Lennon's arch-nemesis - the late Senator Strom Thurmond - is revealed as (big surprise) an obnoxious hypocrite

PISH & DRECK: The East-Endering of British society...
April 26, 2003
British soccer pinup David Beckham (nicknamed "Beck") and his washed-up poptart wifey Victoria Beckham (the once-and-previous "Posh" Spice) are the toast of formerly Swingin' 'Ingle-land.' Now they are desperately trying to become the new 'Bennifer' in the USA. Saints preserve us...

Itís the Ideology, Stupid
December 12, 2002
Martin Lewis takes issue with the constant use of the simplistic designation "terrorist" as a catch-all to describe ideological enemies who are USING terror to achieve their ends. The erroneous use underscores that Bush is Without A Clue...

Cassius Clay Nation
December 11, 2002
America considers itself "The Greatest" nation. But nations (unlike the nascent Muhammad Ali) heap that sort of praise on themselves at their peril...

Gimme Some Truth
December 10, 2002
John Lennon's 1971 agit-prop song speaks to us 30 years on as a clarion call-to-arms. And inspires an expose of the media's failure to hold George W. Bush to the same standards they imposed on Jimmy Carter.

Oscar Resurrection
March 25, 2002
Humorist/producer Martin Lewis follows the Holy Grail and arrives at two of Hollywood's hottest Oscar parties. And he gets a gimpse of Anna Nicole Smith's enormous soul.

Son Of Condit Meets The King
August 28, 2001
Those who thought things could not get much worse for the embattled Gary Condit - reckoned without a TV appearance made on his behalf on Monday night by the Congressman's son - Chad. The hour-long interview on CNN's "Larry King Live" was a painful experience - mostly for what it revealed about the Condit family and its sense of reality.

The Art Of Lying
August 03, 2001
Martin Lewis' acclaimed in-depth expose reveals precisely how a tawdry British tabloid ran an utterly false story claiming that George Harrison was imminently dying in July 2001. The fabricated story raced around the world causing immense distress to Harrison (who still had several months to live) his family and fans. This expose caused a firestorm in British newspaper circles and resulted in the resignation of the editor who had fabricated the tabloid story.

The Art of Lying (original uncut edit)
July 30, 2001
Writer and Beatles historian Martin Lewis was deeply offended by the tabloid story on Sunday July 22nd 2001 claiming that Sir George Martin had specifically stated that George Harrison was close to dying. Lewis felt the story was false - and spent several days investigating the article. He discovered that the story WAS a fabrication. [This is the original full-length expose he wrote. An abridged version was subsequently published on]

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