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Star Chad
November 14, 2000 contributor Martin Lewis solicits opinions on the election imbroglio from a slew of celebrities.

The Chad-Gore Connection!
November 13, 2000
It's true! The Republic of Chad has a town called Gore! Martin Lewis explores his atlas for Chad connections... [Historical note: This short column was written at approx. 2:00am ET on the morning of Sunday November 12th 2000 - shortly after the word "chad" was first uttered on a CNN live news report about the Florida recount. Because of the lateness of the hour it was probably the very first humorous piece written about the word that within a few days had become the subject of countless articles and jokes.]

Transition? What Transition?!
November 13, 2000
America takes ten weeks to effect a transition. In Britain they do it in ten hours! A comparison of power transitions in the US and UK.

Pregnant Chad!
November 11, 2000
A tongue-in-cheek glossary of the new terminology. (Written at 2.30am on the Sunday morning when the chads first came to public attention!)

We Are Entering The O.J. Zone
November 10, 2000
The Florida recount reachs an O.J. zeitgeist moment. Enter the equivalent of the first dog psychologist!

Who's Next Prez?
November 09, 2000
George W. Bush steals a classic Who song for his campaign. Martin Lewis alerts Pete Townshend to the theft and gets an e-mail from Pete about his political beliefs!

Election Night-mare
November 08, 2000
It's election night in New York and Martin Lewis goes on the town with Billy Baldwin and Martha Plimpton for a scary election night.

Hallelujahs for Hillary!
November 06, 2000
Martin Lewis attends a get-out-the-vote election rally for Hillary Clinton in a Brooklyn gospel church on the Sunday before the 2000 election.

John, Paul, George and.... Al?!
November 06, 2000
What is the position of the presidential candidates on a really important topic - the Beatles?!

Unleash Hell On Al
November 05, 2000
Martin Lewis conducts a PRE-Mortem on the 2000 election - drawing insight on the Bush campaign's anti-Gore strategy by studying a new BBC documentary. The Bush/RNC opposition researchers live up to the sign in their HQ bunker that commands them to "Unleash hell on Al."

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