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Foreign Correspondent
October 11, 2000
How the British view the elections

Hollywood - The New "N" Word
October 10, 2000
The entertainment industry power has shifted to New York - posing a challenge to conservatives who like to demonize "Hollywood"

October 09, 2000
A proven innocent man is waiting today for George Bush's pardon so he can vote in this election. But does Bush issue pardons as fast as he denies clemency? Commentator Martin Lewis uncovers a disturbing story.

Is Dubya A Secret C-Span Junkie?
October 02, 2000
Martin Lewis reveals what may be a key secret of Bush's debate prep. He watches Span-At-Nite!

Hollywood Salutes a Republican!
September 25, 2000
Bruce Willis is honored by a Hollywood ballroom full of liberals

Joe Sees Stars!
September 15, 2000
Keeping an eye on Joe Lieberman at the Gore-Lieberman Radio City fundraiser

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Gore
September 15, 2000
A Democratic fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall is a reminder that this election is the first-ever presidential battle between two baby-boomers. But will the victor be Gore's flower-power or Bush's dour power?

Dubya Does Doves And Ducks Debates
September 14, 2000
An inside story on why Bush is running scared about the debates.

Faith De-based Initiative
September 13, 2000
Writer Martin Lewis reflects on the way forward after the tragic attack on America. Will bombing the terrorists solve the entire problem? Is that how we "whip terrorism"? Or are there other approaches that need to be pursued?

Austin Powers And The Lost Mojo
September 11, 2000
There's a battle raging between Bush HQ in Austin and the RNC in DC

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