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Exclusive: CIA phone tap of Armitage's "Stone Age" threat to Pakistan!
September 22, 2006
Pakistani President Musharraf claims that immediately after 9/11, Colin Powell's deputy Richard Armitage threatened that if he didn't support the US War On Terrorism - America would bomb Pakistan "back into the Stone Age". Martin uncovers the CIA transcript of the offending phone call...

Mazeltov George Allen! (Letter to the newly 'circumscribed'!)
September 21, 2006
Senator George Allen discovers that he has a Yiddishe Mama. Martin drops a welcoming note to a fellow Member of the Tribe...

Exclusive! Bush speech mix-up!
September 20, 2006
Martin Lewis reveals a White House computer glitch that resulted in a mix-up in two recent speeches by President Bush...

Pope vs Islam: A simple question
September 18, 2006
The Pope speaks about Islam. Islamic followers riot. Martin poses a question.

Four-Star General - or Disobedient Houseboy?
September 16, 2006
Now that George Bush has mocked the IQ of Colin Powell - the question arises: How does he TRULY regard his former Secretary Of State? Martin ponders the question...

Bush disses Colin Powell's IQ
September 15, 2006
George "I'm The Decider" Bush decides that Colin Powell has a lesser IQ than him. Martin is decidedly confused by this...

So farewell Ann Richards...
September 14, 2006
Lines on the passing of the great lady of Texas...

Open Letter to Tom Kean
September 12, 2006
ABC's disgraceful "Path To 9/11" mini-series leaves Martin with a plethora of questions for its co-Executive Producer - 9/11 Commission Co-Chairman Governor Tom Kean. He framed them in an open letter. (Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply...)

Peace Train: Reflections on 9/11...
September 11, 2006
On the fifth anniversary of 9/11 - Martin reflects on the first days after the attack and the "Peace Train" community blog he found himself hosting. A link is provided to the archived pages of "Peace Train" - which was named after the Cat Stevens song...

ALERT: "9/11" show has ALREADY aired UNEDITED internationally
September 10, 2006
Martin Lewis flags attention that the ABC 9/11 film has already been transmitted in its offensive, unedited form in several countries overseas

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