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Secret Rove Memo!
July 19, 2006
Martin Lewis gets hold of a secret memo from Karl Rove to George W. Bush concerning PR spin on the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon. He does the right thing and shares it with the world...

Evacuation Cruise! Only $10,000! (plus applicable taxes)
July 18, 2006
The US government is insisting that Americans pay for their evacuation from Lebanon. Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi is protesting this. Martin Lewis is concerned how this might affect the deprived billionaires of America...

A mouthful of "shit" from Bush...
July 17, 2006
An open mike at the G8 summit catches George W. Bush with his mouth open...

No-Fault Genocide?
July 16, 2006
As the Middle-East crisis escalates - Martin Lewis wonders if both sides of this dispute are EQUALLY at fault - as some bloggers contend...

Speak for America! SOMEONE!
May 29, 2006
On Memorial Day 2006, Martin Lewis cries out for someone in the Republican Party - and someone in the Democratic Party - to have the courage to speak out for the American nation - evoking the memory of a powerful clarion call that was made in England in September 1939...

Contrition Is Brit...
May 26, 2006
George W. Bush has now expressed his regret over his "Wanted Dead Or Alive" comment. Martin Lewis doesn't think Bush has anything to apologize for... Hang tough Mr. President!

Dubya-Talk - The Official Language of Irony-Lovers
May 23, 2006
George W. Bush endorses English as the "Official Language of America" and extols the vitues of a good command of English. Martin Lewis reciprocates by endorsing "Dubya-Talk" as the Official Language of Irony-Lovers...

Bush Gets Creative in the Agency Biz
May 09, 2006
George W. Bush nominates General Michael Hayden to run the most important Agency in the US - and diehard liberal Martin Lewis applauds the President's choice...

The Walrus Was George
April 20, 2006
"And here's another clue you can gorge - The Walrus Was George..." Huffington Post's new Beatles-themed Bush satire sent Martin Lewis scurrying into the archives to uncover the historic connections between George W. Bush and the Fab Four..

Britain's Liberals Elect 14th Century Chinese Vase as Leader!
March 06, 2006
In early March 2006, Britainís Liberal Democrats elected a new leader. The contest was more surreal than a Monty Python skit. Full of sexual perversions and a candidate who thought he was Superman...

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