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A Good Election To Lose…
November 03, 2004
Given the seeds that Bush has sown over the past four years - maybe it's just as well that the Republicans reap the whirlwind coming...

Time For A Vast BRIGHT-Wing Conspiracy
November 03, 2004
Reclaiming America From The Conservatives

October 31, 2004
The Scandal Of Bush's Colossal Failure. We are all still 'Hostages To Terror.' 295 million Americans held hostage for 1140 days. (And Jimmy Carter's presidency was castigated because of just FIFTY TWO Americans held hostage for only 444 days...)

Vote Beatle!
October 30, 2004
A Beatle-Lovers' Guide To The Election...

Hallelujah! Bush Forgives A Pedophile!
October 16, 2004
George Bush displays his compassionate side - by forgiving a rock star convicted of possessing 4,000 graphic images of very young children being brutally raped. Let's make sure all of America's social conservatives are fully aware of the President's compassion for a convicted pedophile...

Re-MEAT The Beatles! (Four Not-So-Fab Butchered Albums)
October 14, 2004
The news that Capitol Records will release four Beatles "albums" that were butchered together by a cynical US record company in 1964 - to make even more money in 2004 - leaves a lot of blood on the tracks.

A Folking Nuisance!
October 11, 2004
George Bush has a new TV ad ripping John Kerry for an out-of-context reference to terrorists as a "nuisance." This from the man who describes Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda as "folks"...

Fact Check-Mate!
October 08, 2004
Dick Cheney’s bungled attempt to dodge John Edwards’ tough queries about his questionable dealings with Haliburton in Tuesday's debate has turned into a mystery involving the internet, hackers and - ironically for Cheney – an off-shore company nestled in the corporate tax haven of the Cayman Islands!

Kerry & Lennon: Twin Scourges Of Nixon
October 04, 2004
John Kerry and John Lennon - two heroes united by their inspirational peace activism and the fear they both created in the paranoid mind of the disgraced Richard Nixon. This essay is about the one meeting of Kerry and Lennon in May 1972 - and the many parallels between them. It was written for the new website celebrating The Electras - the garage band formed by John Kerry and his high-school pals in 1960.

All Lipstick – No Pig…
September 01, 2004
The Republican convention's warm-up weekend featured all the party's feel-good nice guys and none of the neo-con hardcore who run the show...

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