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Ginsberg drops the ‘F’ Bomb
August 31, 2004
Bush & Swift Boat lawyer Ben Ginsberg expresses his true feelings in an unguarded moment with Martin Lewis

Another Swift Lie
August 06, 2004
Within 24 hours of the Drudge Report sneaking the news that John O'Neill was about to publish a book smearing John Kerry - Martin Lewis wrote an exclusive news story for which exposed John O'Neill as a flagrant liar. A longer version of the story (with acerbic political commentary) may be seen on the Bloggings section of this website.

Edwards speech moves Brit Hume
July 29, 2004
John Edwards speech causes Brit Hume to shit himself!

Snooping The Convention
July 27, 2004
Martin Lewis snoops the Dem's convention hall during the Sunday prep day. He previews the DNC music choices - and evesdrops as Fox News' own Billy Idol lip-a-like - Carl Cameron gets carpeted by Chris Wallace...

Saturday Night In Boston...
July 26, 2004
The weekend before the Democratic Convention is where the partying and the networking starts. Martin Lewis jumps in feet first...

"Fahrenheit 9/11" Propaganda or Documentary?
June 28, 2004
Martin Lewis on the surprising and ironic genesis of Michael Moore's filmmaking style

"Go 'Frank' Yourself!"
June 25, 2004
Martin Lewis ponders Dick Cheney’s use of the F-Word.

Friends, Republicans, Countrymen...
June 11, 2004
George W. Bush's magnificent funeral eulogy for Ronald Reagan. (This was a rush transcription by Martin Lewis. It may contain slight errors.)

Mourning Becomes Electoral
June 07, 2004
The news of Ronald Reagan's death causes George W. Bush to eye Reagan's Teflon... Oh how little George wants to wrap himself in Reagan's Shroud Of Teflon...

Chutzpah, Contrition And Consequences...
May 10, 2004
The Abu Gharib prison scandal brings out the Bush administration's true colors

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